Shakespearean sonnets 3EL

When I first saw you in that flowery park

Something in my heart has changed

You made my immense love start

And in my mind happened something strange

The most wonderful creature was you

I fell into your attractive blue eyes

Loving you was the only thing to do

You took my life into the paradise

When you first gently spoke to me

My soul started burning like a blaze

For the love treasure you were the key

Staying without you is as hard as leaving a maze

Don’t know how to say that I love you a lot

And to finish this sonnet I put a dot.

G.C. , G.D., A.V.V.

Love is a feeling, pure and true,

That warms our hearts like morning dew.

It brings us joy, it brings us peace,

And fills our lives with sweet release.

It makes us strong, it makes us brave,

And gives us strength to face the grave.

It lights our path and guides our way,

And turns the darkest night to day.

With love, we find our souls entwined,

And all our fears and doubts resigned.

It brings us closer to our fate,

And fills our hearts with boundless grace.

So let us cherish this gift divine,

And let our love forever shine.

M.A. , T.C. , E.V.

To Love or not to love,

this is the question,

 it depends on the P.O.V.

and deserves a mention,

And Shakespeare replies,

hear me out,

Love is something you should always play,

But  when I feel it, I have e a blackout,

From that answer

On the way to love,

My heart becomes a dancer

 Who heats my soul like a glove.

This is my love sonnet,

And it comes down like a comet.

G.G , G.G. , F.M. , F.M. , G.M.  , M.Z.

Love, what is love? 

Love is the one that I revere.

It fills my heart with joy and light,

And makes my world so bright.

Love is the bond that ties us all,

And keeps us standing when we fall.

It is the light that guides us through,

And helps us find our way anew.

So when I feel alone and lost,

And all my dreams is you,

I just remember me and you 

together talking to the moon.

Just remember my love is always there,

and I’ll love you here and everywhere.

M.S., C.S.

Studenti della 3EL